Hello world!

by Rob

This is my first update in my progress journal. It is Sunday, September 11. The tenth anniversary of 911. An auspicious day for new starts.

Posts here will consist of:

What I did
What I learned
What I plan to do

So, what did I do this week?

First, I committed to the project. For some reason my comments don’t turn up on Think Traffic, but I don’t care. Validation from other people isn’t something I need. If I get it, great, but it can’t be a motivation.

Second, I installed Clicky analytics and Feedburner, as required by the project. I’m not sure about Feedburner, and whetehr it’s working, but Clicky is.

Third, I installed Firefox, along with an SEOBOOK toolbar that let’s me check a lot of interesting things. I am no expert in it yet, but it has provided me value already.

Fourth, I submitted the project site (and several others) to Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Fifth, I submitted some articles through UAW to build backlinks to the anchor level I use in the Pat Flynn/Joseph Archibald program.

Sixth, I added more content to the site. It may not be epic shit, but it is valuable in relation to the subject matter.

Seventh, I decided on some keywords to concentrate on.

Eigth, I started this progress journal.

What Did I Learn?

First, I learned how to submit a site to Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Second, I learned how to check my rankings on key words.

Third, I learned about Clicky, and that, in turn, let me learn about how some people were finding the site. That gave me content ideas.

Fourth, (and this is perhaps not something I’ve learned so much as pondered) I gave a lot of though to the differences between niche sites and authority sites. Are they different? How? Can a site be both?

Fifth, I had an epiphany about blog design and the need to work with CSS. A lot of other participants have eye pleasing blogs. I don’t. My design skills are low, so I tend to ignore that aspect. I need to think more about that.

What I Plan To Do This Week

First, I’ll add an email service like Aweber or something.

Second, I’ll build some more content.

Third, I’ll submit more backlink fodder to UAW.

Fourth, I’ll monitor and post keyword stats and users/visit.

Fifth, find other blogs on this topic.

Sixth, change the look of this blog.

Stats for this week, up to Sunday afternoon:

Visits: 294
Visitors: 274
Highest day: 57
Countries: 44
Top 5: US, Canada, UK, Italy, France
Pages/Visit 1.85
Page views: 544
Avg. Time on Site 00:01:35
% New Visits 91.16%
Bounce Rate 60.88%

Keyword and key phrase ranks:

Phrase 1 – Google 0 Yahoo 0 Bing 47
Phrase 2 – Google 0 Yahoo 0 Bing 0
Phrase 3 – Google 0 Yahoo 0 Bing 110
Phrase 4 – Google 3 Yahoo 0 Bing 3
Phrase 5 – Google 0 Yahoo 0 Bing 46