Second Progress Update – Sept 11-18

by Rob

This is my second update in my progress journal. It is Sunday, September 18.

Posts here consist of:

What I did
What I learned
What I plan to do

So, what did I do this week?

First, I forgot to really document what I did! 🙂

Second, I submitted some articles through UAW to build backlinks to the anchor level I use in the Pat Flynn/Joseph Archibald program.

Third, I added more content to the site. I had a boring post about the blog’s mission. I had to bury that with something useful to the reader.

Fourth, I added a MailChimp sign up box.

Fifth, I spent some time learning more about stats and ranking by checking mine.

Sixth, I found some more related blogs and commented on them.

Seventh, I got a better feel for the competition.

Eighth, I added another ad company.

Ninth, I did the business plan.

Tenth, I changed the look of the blog slightly (very slightly).

What Did I Learn?

First, I learned that I have to document things better.
Second, I learned that links can come from some crazy places, and that comments on other blogs can be effective for back links.
Third, I learned that the search engines don’t index me quickly.

What I Plan To Do This Week

First, more comments on related blogs

Second, more UAW content

Third, change the look of the blog, especially a header image

Fourth, add more “how to” content

Fifth, announce a “Get Ready For Fall” contest

Sixth, get some affiliates.

Stats for this week, up to Sunday afternoon, from Google Analytics:

Visits: 377 (294 last week)
Visitors: 354 (274 last week)
Highest day: 59 (57 last week)
Countries: 35 (44 last week)
Top 5: US, Canada, UK, Italy, Australia (US, Canada, UK, Italy, France)
Pages/Visit 1.99 (1.85)
Page views: 1,960 (544 last week)
Avg. Time on Site 1.39 (00:01:35)
% New Visits 91.39 (91.16%)
Bounce Rate 59.57% (60.88%)

Keyword and key phrase ranks:

Phrase 1 – Google 0(0) Yahoo 26(0) Bing 38(47)
Phrase 2 – Google 0(0) Yahoo 25(0) Bing 44(0)
Phrase 3 – Google 2(0) Yahoo 1(0) Bing 4(110)
Phrase 4 – Google 0(3) Yahoo 0(0) Bing 0(3)
Phrase 5 – Google 0(0) Yahoo 0(0) Bing 0(46}

Inlinks/Pages Yahoo Link Explorer

5/6 (no stats last week)