Third Progress Update – September 19-25

by Rob

This is my third update in my progress journal. It is Sunday, September 25.

Posts here consist of:

What I did
What I learned
What I plan to do

So, what did I do this week?

First, I forgot to really document what I did, again! 🙂 Things get so busy. I’m going to have to set up a system.

Second, I submitted some more articles through UAW to build backlinks to the anchor level I use in the Pat Flynn/Joseph Archibald program.

Third, I added more content to the site, again.

Fourth, I created a Twitter, Facebook and Myspace account for the page. I will use these with Ping.FM

Fifth, found and listened to Copyblogger podcasts. They got me re-focussed on content quality.

Sixth, I found some more related blogs and signed up for them.

Seventh, I asked someone on to draw me a new banner.

Eigth, I set up automatic Twitter posts triggered by blog posts.

What Did I Learn?

First, I re-learned that I have to document things better.
Second, I learned about Twitter hashtags.

What I Plan To Do This Week

First, more comments on related blogs

Second, more UAW content

Third, continue the mini-project change the look of the blog, especially a header image

Fourth, add more “how to” content but also get aq more personal taste.

Fifth, announce a “Get Ready For Fall” contest (I failed to do this last week).

Sixth, get some affiliates again, failed this last week)..

Stats for this week, up to Sunday afternoon, from Google Analytics:

Visits: 304 (377, 294)
Visitors:289 (354,274 last week)
Highest day:65 (59, 57 last week)
Countries:39 (35, 44 last week)
Top 5:US, Canada, UK, Italy, Bulgaria (US, Canada, UK, Italy, Australia) (US, Canada, UK, Italy, France)
Pages/Visit 1.89 (1.99, 1.85)
Page views: 494, (612, 544 last week)
Avg. Time on Site 0.43 (1.40, 00:01:35)
% New Visits 91.39 (91.16%)
Bounce Rate 59.57% (60.88%)

Keyword and key phrase ranks:

Phrase 1 – Google 0(0,0) Yahoo 28(26,0) Bing 35(38,47)
Phrase 2 – Google 0(0,0) Yahoo 18(44,0) Bing 48(44,0)
Phrase 3 – Google 2(2,0) Yahoo 1(1,0) Bing 3(4,110)
Phrase 4 – Google 0(0,3) Yahoo 181(0,0) Bing 0(0,3)
Phrase 5 – Google 0(0,0) Yahoo 0(0,0) Bing 0(0,46}

Inlinks/Pages Yahoo Link Explorer

13/7 (5/6, no stats first week)