4th Progress Update

by Rob

This is my Fourth update in my progress journal. It is Monday, October 3, 2011. It was a busy, busy weekend, so I’m late

Posts here consist of:

What I did
What I learned
What I plan to do

So, what did I do this week?

First, I submitted more articles through UAW.

Second, I added some more content to the site.

Third, I created a Twitter profile for Zane Grow, the blog character.

Fourth, I re-did the header image and created an avatar for Zane Grow. This will allow me to comment on other blogs and websites and stand out a bit.

Fifth, I tweeted a few times for Zane.

Sixth, I added a new affiliate.

What Did I Learn?

First, I learned that Fiverr.com is a great resource
Second, I learned more about Twitter.

What I Plan To Do This Week

First, more comments on related blogs

Second, more UAW content

Third, announce a “Get Ready For Fall” contest (I failed to do this last week).

Fourth, add more “how to” content but also get aq more personal taste.

Fifth, get another affiliate

Sixth, write a post on ten things you need to get started.

Stats for this week, up to right now (i.e. one extra day), from Google Analytics:

Visits:238 (304, 377, 294)
Visitors: 225 (289,354,274 last week)
Highest day:38 (65,59, 57 last week)
Countries:35 (39, 35, 44 last week)
Top 5:US, Canada, UK, Germany, India (US, Canada, UK, Italy, Bulgaria) (US, Canada, UK, Italy, Australia) (US, Canada, UK, Italy, France)
Pages/Visit 2.65 (1.89, 1.99, 1.85)
Page views:630 (494,612, 544 last week)
Avg. Time on Site 2.11 (0.43, 1.40, 00:01:35)
% New Visits 92.44 (91.39,91.16%)
Bounce Rate 57.98% (59.57%, 60.88%)

Keyword and key phrase ranks:

Phrase 1 – Google 0(0,0,0) Yahoo 22(28,26,0) Bing 64(35,38,47)
Phrase 2 – Google 0(0,0,0) Yahoo 11(18,44,0) Bing 16(48,44,0)
Phrase 3 – Google 3(2,2,0) Yahoo 1(1,1,0) Bing 4(3,4,110)
Phrase 4 – Google 0(0,0,3) Yahoo 150 (181,0,0) Bing 0(0,0,3)
Phrase 5 – Google 0(0,0,0) Yahoo 0(0,0,0) Bing 0(0,0,46}

Inlinks/Pages Yahoo Link Explorer

14/5 (13/7, 5/6, no stats first week)