6th Progress Update

by Rob

Wow, am I late on this again!

It’s been a busy week with lots of work on lots of stuff, including other blogs.

However, what have I done?

So, what did I do this week?

First, continued the twitter program.

Pretty poor production.

What Did I Learn?

First, I figured out an improvement to UAW.

Second, I got my VA a little more on track.

Third, if you examine where your links are coming from in Link Explorer you can figure out a better idea of what’s working and what should be repeated. So far blog commenting is obviously working. UAW? I need more work on that.

What I Plan To Do This Week

First, more comments on related blogs

Second, more UAW content

Third, tweak the “Get Ready For Fall” contest some more

Fourth, add more “how to” content but also get a more personal taste.

Fifth, get another affiliate [Done – to an extent – Zazzle]

Sixth, write a post on ten things you need to get started.

Seven, change google adsense layout.

Eight, add another accountability partner [IN PROGRESS]

Nine, get on Think Traffic’s ranking. [DONE!]

Fair warning and full disclosure! I’m out of town and only available by sat phone after Friday, so these are really two week goals.

Stats for this week, up to right now, from Google Analytics:

Visits:348 (317, 238, 304, 377, 294)
Visitors:328, (298,225, 289,354,274 last week)
Highest day:43(61,38, 65,59, 57 last week)
Countries:45 (42,35, 39, 35, 44 last week)
Top 5:US, Canada, UK, Italy, France (US, Canada, UK, France, India) (US, Canada, UK, Germany, India) (US, Canada, UK, Italy, Bulgaria) (US, Canada, UK, Italy, Australia) (US, Canada, UK, Italy, France)
Pages/Visit 1.82 (1.97 2.65,1.89, 1.99, 1.85)
Page views:633(624, 630, 494,612, 544 last week)
Avg. Time on Site .52 (1.10, 2.11, 0.43, 1.40, 00:01:35)
% New Visits 91.95% (90.85%,92.44, 91.39,91.16%)
Bounce Rate 58.33% (61.51%,57.98%,59.57%, 60.88%)

Keyword and key phrase ranks:

Phrase 1 – Google 0(0,0,0,0,0)Yahoo 17 (13,22,28,26,0)Bing 96 (50,64,35,38,47)
Phrase 2 – Google 112(0,0,0,0,0) Yahoo 0(18,11,18,44,0) Bing 0(43, 16,48,44,0)
Phrase 3 – Google 2(3,2,2,0) Yahoo 1(1,1,1,0) Bing 3(4,3,4,110)
Phrase 4 – Google 0(0,0,0,3) Yahoo 192 (150,181,0,0) Bing 0(0,0,0,3)
Phrase 5 – Google 108(0,0,0,0) Yahoo 201(0,0,0,0) Bing 0(0,0,0,46}

Inlinks/Pages Yahoo Link Explorer

35/1 (14/5, 13/7, 5/6, no stats first week)