This ultimate business plan workbook came from Corbett Barr at ThinkTraffic. I’ve cut and pasted it here and edited it to suit this blog. Get your own copy from him.

Foundation – Why should anyone read this blog?

I’m starting this blog to create an income stream. I want to build this business because I enjoy blogging, I know something about the subject, and I think it has good potential. I think I can provide good information in a way that is more accessible to users than is available at present. This blog is also an experiment in discipline and SEO.

I want this blog to rank #1 for various keywords, and I want it to generate at least $100 per month on a long term basis. Frankly, the money isn’t the main goal. I want to acid test the lessons I am learning about SEO. I also want to increase the Google Page Rank of this page to a 3 before 12 months pass. The first four keywords have been decided upon; if I get to the first page of Google with them I’ll start adding more.

I want this blog to provide an income stream as well as an opportunity to learn real time SEO. Assuming that I will be successful as a result of doing the activities I want to generate link juice from this blog to the rest of my blog system.

6 months out -March 11, 2012 – $600.00
12 months out – September 11, 2012 – $1200
2 years – September 11, 2013 – $2400

I would also like the blog to be on relative auto-pilot by that time.

The need my blog will fill will be the need for easily accessible, step by step instruction for home cultivation of small amounts of marijuana. There is a lot of information on this subject available on the web, but it hasn’t been presented in a really simple system.

The reason people should read this blog is because it is accessible. By that I mean that a new user can log on and find answers to questions really easily. It will offer several systems that allow people to undertake the project immediately.

I will also create a community that shares successes and has some fun.

I am especially qualified to produce a blog on this topic because I have experience with the subject matter and I’m still curious about it.

I will have to discover how this blog differs from what already exists on the topic. So far I haven’t discovered a step by step process blog with reference material. There are forums that deal with this, but I will develop a different sort of community.

The kinds of people who will read this blog will be people who want to learn about growing marijuana or want to see pictures of marijuana. My blog reader is probably a marijuana consumer, which means they could be anywhere in the world and fit almost any description. This seems like a bad thing if you believe that you can’t serve everyone, but to be clear, whether the readers is an 18 year old pot head on a lark or a 50 year old taxpayer with kids and a mortgage, the common thread is cannabis consumption.

I need to find out where (and if) they hang out online now. I do not consider yourself part of any of those communities. I will have to discover them.

I have to determine what kinds of competition exist already in this space. I am in the process of doing that and will build relationships with some and deconstruct all.

People have demonstrated a willingness to pay for products or solutions related to this topic before. In fact, its an big industry with a dedicated ad agency.

I do not have any unique ideas for developing a brand and a site design that tie together my overall concept and that demonstrate my differentiation. This is an area of weakness that I need to learn more about. I currently use a Socrates theme with a simple text header. I will explore getting a mascot/brand figure as well as a logo.

Content will consist initially of how to blog posts organized and inter-linked by topic. Additionally there will be pictures. Time lapse video and how-to videos would be great, and an ebook application seems logical.

I will share plenty of my personality but few of my personal details, for obvious reasons.

I will you produce most of this content but will outsource some of it, like graphics and logo design, as well as link building.

I will publish content weekly at a minimum.

I will you make sure my content is different from competitors in my space first by injecting my personality, second by seeing what they’re doing and doing it better, and third, by including readers in success sharing.

I plan to educate, entertain and enlighten my readers with my content. It’s hard to see how it can’t do one of them in every post, and sometimes do all three, even though I had never thought of this until the plan brought it up.

I understand very little about headline writing strategy and will learn all about it through this process.

I will you make sure my content is consistently high quality two ways: by comparing it to the competition and by watching my statistics for motivation. I like to write, so this shouldn’t be too hard. My challenge will be not moving on to other interests and starting new projects. That’s where accountability partners come in.

My “epic shit factor” is tough for me to nail down right now. The only thing I can think of is wicked pot picture porn. Hopefully I will get great information and some other ideas.

Aside from asking for the order I have no idea how I will convert readers of your content to subscribers and customers, and frankly I’m not sure how I’d monetize that if I did. The first idea I have is a joint project for an outdoor grow.

I don’t have a strategy for converting readers and re-selling to loyal customers time and again. I’m not clear enough on this process in the online world, but will work on it.


Adsense, 420 Click, affiliate sales, ebook.

Revenue sources are already in place as far as ads go. I have not decided on affiliates yet, but will soon proceed. The e-book will have to develop organically if it develops at all.

I’ve already set revenue goals for the first 6, 12, 24 and 36 months. The learning curve will involve affiliate sales. I will re-adjust revenue goals as we progress.

I need to learn about affiliate sales, and about ad sales. I will learn that through this project.


Link building will be the prime strategy. Second will be comments on forums.
There are no unique techniques that I plan to employ.

I do not plan to show my readers how much you care about them and appreciate the time they spend at your site aside from making it clear that I write posts based on input, whether from searches or comments.

I plan to encourage my readers to help share share content with others by asking them to and by making it easy for them to do so.

Make a list of the top 10 most popular or influential bloggers who write about similar or related topics to yours.
Creating strong relationships with other bloggers and entrepreneurs is an important key to getting the word out about your site. List some popular people you’d like to get to know here.

Make a list of 10 bloggers who write about similar or related topics but who started their blogs more recently (people who could become your peers in the next six months).

What is your plan for reaching out to those two lists of bloggers? How can you connect with them in a genuine way and offer to help with projects each of them are working on? (make brief notes for each person listed in the above two steps)
Relationships always need to start from an honest, giving-without-expecting-anything place. How will you genuinely connect with the people you want to meet?

I do not currently know enough about website promotion and audience building? I know that good content will attract readers and create buzz, because I’ve done that. I don’t know what I don’t know, however, and can recognize that (thanks, Rummy).